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Raspberry Shrub
Raspberry Shrub
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Our first Tait Farm Foods product and still the most popular, Raspberry Shrub is a classic mixer and simply the best. It is like a non-alcoholic Chambord, with its beautiful raspberry essence. It makes everything from Raspberry Spritzers to Champagne Cocktails. 13oz and 25oz size.

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Customer Reviews
Great Drink
  I had a holiday party last night- we went thru an entire bottle of raspberry shrub. Club soda and plain or some had flavored vodka- it was a hit! I'm glad I still have 2 more bottles!
  Reviewed by:  April Beky from Dallas, pa. on 12/31/2016
  First tasted shrub in Philadelphia at City Tavern on a HOT day, and it was so good! I found Tait Farm Foods shrub later in the trip and snapped it up. I love this raspberry with seltzer water! Not too sweet, and very satisfying! I like to put frozen berries in the drink, too. I'm looking forward to trying other flavors of shrub, if I get my Christmas wish!
  Reviewed by:  Colleen from Louisville. on 12/3/2016
  This is our favorite flavor! My family likes your shrubs in plain water also. Its awesome in mineral water!! We love shrubs!!
  Reviewed by:  V. Oberholtzer from Pa.. on 10/27/2016
Yummy stuff
  Tried this while visiting the Dobbins House in the cellar for an after dinner drink. Mixed with champagne was to die for. We immediately bought a a bottle to bring home. We have tried it in both alcoholic drinks as well as just in soda and it is wonderful. Heightens any drink of choice! We ordered more online and want to ensure we don't run out for the holidays, so will be ordering again soon! Thanks Tait!
  Reviewed by:  Nancy from Michigan. on 9/1/2016
Old time goodness. Thank goodness!!
  I recently recieved this in a gift basket from a friend of mine who lives near your place. I'm a "newbie" canning aficionado and by happy coincidence, I'd just discovered what a shrub was literally days prior to the basket's arrival. Have to say...YUM! I've never tasted the likes of this before, and am just broken that it will be quite some while before I am able to procure more of your delicious product! On a side note, thank you for preserving the past with items like this. We've lost so much along our march to progress! My 98 year old grandmother has been a fountain of knowledge for me; and yes, she knew what this was the second her lips hit the glass, lol. A truly superior product!
  Reviewed by:  Wendy Harrison from Edson, Alberta, Canada. on 7/13/2013
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